Laser Tag

Incredible Laser Tag

Laser TagIf you’ve never played laser tag before, now is the perfect time to start!

It doesn’t matter if you’re athletic or not, laser tag is the perfect game for everyone. It’s basically a more intense version of hide and seek, complete with lighted vests and futuristic looking laser “phasers.” For the active people, you can try to catch your opponent, take their fortress, and get points for your team. However, if you’re more of a cautious person, you can guard your teams fortress or work in a sniper position. Every person who plays has a role in helping their team win!

Our state of the art laser tag arenas have awesome lights, sounds, and effects guaranteed to make your experience unforgettable. For all of you safety conscious moms out there, no need to worry! All laser tag games are monitored by an Incredible employee who ensures that everyone is playing safe. Our laser “phasers” are also completely harmless, using radio signals sent from the “phaser” to the lighted vests.

TIP: If you notice an opponent about to shoot you, if you shoot them at the exact same time it will sometimes cancel their shot. 

To play laser tag at our facility, you must be at least 42″ tall.

Fun things to do in Memphis, Tn

Beat the Summer Heat with Some Incredible Indoor Fun 

America’s Incredible Pizza Company is the place to go when you’re looking for fun things to do in Memphis this summer!  You don’t have to suffer through the humid Midwest heat to have a blast. At America’s Incredible Pizza Company your family or group can play the whole hot day away inside and enjoy an all you can eat buffet of incredible food!

Our Incredibly Cool Attractions

Step inside our gigantic facility and you’ll find a variety of fun things to do in Memphis for people of all ages!  We’ve got go carts, mini bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, glow golf, arcade and carnival-style games, and even a safe and fun area for toddlers to play.  Your options are endless!  All of our games and activities are located inside where you can stay cool and comfortable.  Don’t sweat through long lines somewhere else; come to America’s Incredible Pizza Company for fun things to do in Memphis.

Feel the Breeze

Take a spin on our incredible go cart race track and feel the breeze as you speed around every curve.  Our indoor go cart races are one of the fun things to do in Memphis that you’ll find right here at America’s Incredible Pizza Company.

Rock ‘n’ Bowl

Mini bowling at America’s Incredible Pizza Company is another fun thing to do in Memphis this summer.  All ages can enjoy the upbeat music and energetic atmosphere of our mini bowling area.  Join your family or group in a friendly competition to see who can claim the title of mini bowling master!

Bumper to Bumper

We’re not talking about sitting in the heat of summer traffic.  We’re talking about the bumper cars at America’s Incredible Pizza Company!  Playful collisions are yet another fun thing to do in Memphis.  If you’ve never tried bumper cars, this is the coolest place to get in on the action!

Take Aim

Laser tag is a fun thing to do in Memphis that encourages plenty of healthy activity and laughter.  Laser tag is a safe and spirited game that kids and adults can all enjoy.  Take aim at your opponents’ vests with your laser and see who can devise the best strategy to win.  The laser tag arena at America’s Incredible Pizza Company is always cool and comfortable so you can get on your feet without feeling the heat.

Catch Your Breath

Our glow golf course features nostalgic scenes from old Route 66 jazzed up with the glow of black lights.  After a rousing game of laser tag, your family or group can take a breather with this fun thing to do in Memphis.

Games Galore

The Fairgrounds area of America’s Incredible Pizza Company is full of fun things to do in Memphis.  From arcade-style dance games to carnival-style water shoots, we’ve got something for everyone.

 Fun for the Little Ones

We don’t leave anybody out of the party at America’s Incredible Pizza Company.  In addition to all the other fun things to do in Memphis at our facility, we even have a safe area for toddlers to play.  Your little ones can climb in the jungle gym, ride a mini-motorized pony, or play games sized just for them.


So beat the heat this summer and come have some indoor fun with us at America’s Incredible Pizza Company in Memphis!


Laser Tag in Memphis, TN

What is Laser Tag?

One of the great activities available at our Memphis, TN location is laser tag.  Laser tag is an energetic game that is great for the whole family.  It combines aspects of classic hide-and-seek and tag – with an added high tech twist!  Players each wear lighted vests. Players also each carry a futuristic-looking “phaser” that is aimed at opponents with the goal of “tagging” the lights on their vests to score points.

The laser tag game at our Memphis, TN location is completely safe and painless.  A harmless radio signal is transferred from the phaser to the vest.  When the signal is aimed correctly, it connects with the vest and points are scored. To learn more about our Laser Tag area in Memphis, TN click here.