Birthday Questions

  • What is the cost of an adult buffet? +

    We offer a discounted rate for adults of $7.
  • What if my adults don’t want to eat? +

    During the week adults may purchase a $10 game card but weekend parties are required to purchase the buffet.
  • Why do I have to pay a deposit? +

    In order to reserve and hold your private party room, we require a deposit be paid upon booking. The deposit will go towards your party balance the day of your event.
  • What decorations are provided for my child’s birthday party? +

    We provide tablecloths, party hats, napkins, cups, plates and a balloon bouquet for the birthday child to take home.
  • Can I bring my own decorations for my child’s birthday party? +

    Yes you can bring in your own decorations just no silly string, confetti, tape or anything that would damage the walls.
  • What does the host do at the party? +

    The host is going to cut and serve the cake, assist with thank you notes, play games with the kids and the entire cleanup.
  • When do I have to book my child’s birthday party? +

    I suggest booking as soon as possible to ensure we have availability on the schedule.
  • Where do we sit after the 90 minutes if we want to continue to eat? +

    You are welcome to find seating in our general dining after the 90 minutes in the room.
  • How many people can I invite to my child’s birthday party? +

    Our rooms have occupancy but your additional guests are welcome to dine in general dining.
  • What does Incredible Pizza Company offer that other facilities do not? +

    We offer over 100 games, wonderful attractions, all you can eat buffet & drink and a private room with a host.
  • What is cost difference between a general dining party and a party in a private room? +

    There is no cost difference to have your party in a private room. No private host is provided for General Dining Parties.
  • Do you provide candles? +

    Yes we provide candles.
  • Do we provide helium for balloons? +

    We have helium available in every location except Springfield.
  • What are included in the party backpacks? +

    Some candy, bubbles, washable tattoo, coloring book and crayons and a Free Child’s Buffet for next visit. It’s not an adult buffet.
  • What do I have to do to book my child’s birthday party? +

    To reserve a birthday party we require at least 10 guests on a party package and a deposit, which goes towards the party balance.
  • Do you provide a cake with the party packages? +

    No, but we offer a delicious ice cream cookie cake for $10.99 that would serve 16 people.
  • Do you provide invitations or thank you notes? +

    Yes you can pick up invitations at our store or print them off from your email.
  • How long do we get the private room for? +

    90 minutes which is 30 minutes for eating, 30 minutes for cake and 30 minutes for presents.
  • How does the buffet work? +

    You can eat unlimited from the time you enter until the time we close the buffet.
  • Is it cheaper to just come in rather than go with a birthday party package? +

    No, because the party packages are at a discounted rate and your additional adults also receive a discount. PLUS, many extras including the Ticket Blaster, Spin the Wheel, Party Decorations, and so much more.
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Group Questions

  • What is the cost of video games? +

    They range from $0.50-$3.00.
  • Do you have a play area for smaller children? +

    Yes, It's called Tiny Town. It's a section of our game room JUST for children 48'' and under. There's a variety of fun rides and games.
  • Can we rent the entire building for a private event? +

    Yes, please contact our Incredible Event Planner at 901-462-0024
  • What do the attractions cost? +

    Laser Tag=$6 Go Karts=$6 Bumper Cars=$3.50 XD Theatre=$4 Mini Bowling=$3.50
  • Does everyone have to do the same package? +

  • What is the minimum amount of money that can be loaded to a game card? +

    In order to enter Memphis IPC, if not purchasing a buffet/drinks, you MUST purchase a $10 game card.
  • Can you book a birthday party as a group? I don’t want everything that comes with a party. +

  • Do you accept Purchase Orders (POs)? +

  • What happens if I prepay and less people show up? +

    We don't recommend that you prepay, for this reason. We won't be able to refund anything because your group discounts were determined based on your original booking, what you originally paid for.
  • Do I need to pay for the event before the date of the event? +

    No, you would only pay once you arrive.
  • How do I cancel an event? +

    Contact the group sales department. 901-309-3132
  • Do I lose my deposit if I cancel? +

    Typically, Yes, unless special permission is given.
  • Is anyone available on the weekends to assist us with group information or a tour? +

    If you are needing group information or a tour on a weekend, please call our group sales department during the week to let us know, and arrangements can be made.
  • Who do we need to speak to when we arrive? +

    Our cashiers at Party Place. They will be the first people you see when entering the building.
  • Where do our busses park? +

    When looking at Memphis IPC, on the right sight of the building.
  • Can I use the military rate for everyone in my group? +

    Yes, this military discount can be used for any one in the militant's group as long as they are paid on the same ticket.
  • Do you have a military discount? +

    Yes, all veterans, active duty, military and reserve personal receive 10% off entire purchase. *Must present valid U.S. Military ID. 10% off initial purchase only. Discount applies to immediate family members paying on one ticket at entry. Not valid for birthday parties, fundraising events or private group events.
  • What happens if we have less than ten people? +

    In order to get a group discount and seats reserved; you MUST pay for 10 people.
  • If there is money left on my game\ card when I leave will that be refunded? +

    No, but you may use the game card on your next visit, it does NOT expire.
  • Is Incredible Pizza just for kids?  Is there anything for adults to do? +

    No, IPC is NOT just for kids, we have several fun filled activities for all ages. There have been many companies that will actually host their team building events here because we are a great venue for it. We have had anything from laser tag tournaments to go kart races held here for adults. There is a wide variety of up to 100 video, prize, and tickets games along with our 5 main attractions in our game room. Many of these games and attractions are themed after family friendly movies that adults enjoy.
  • Are socks and closed toed shoes required for attractions? +

    Only on Go-Karts.
  • How fast do the Go-Karts go? +

    Our FAST go karts go up to 14 mph. Our slower go karts go up to 9 mph.
  • Can we add extra money to our game card? +

  • Can we bring in outside food? +

    Yes, under special circumstances, but you MUST have permission for the MP.
  • Can we arrive early and decorate our area for our celebration? +

    Yes, but you must let us know ahead of time.
  • Is there more to eat than pizza? +

    Yes; We have an unlimited, Pizza, Salad, Desert, Mexican, and American Bar. After 4 pm, we have an unlimited Asian Bar. We also have over 108 varieties of drinks, including soda, water, flavored waters, teas, and coffee.
  • Is there gluten free options? +

    Yes, we have gluten free crust.
  • Can you eat more than once? +

  • How long is a laser tag game and how many play at one time? +

    8 minutes; up to 18 people
  • How tall do you have to be to ride the attractions? +

    40''=Laser Tag 36''=To Be Driven In a Go-Kart 50''=To Drive Yourself in a Go-Kart 54''=To Drive Fast in a Go Kart
  • Can you just come in and play games? +

    Yes, but you'd have to purchase a $10 game card at least.
  • Are private rooms available for groups? +

    Yes, depending on availability.
  • Can I use a coupon? +

    No if your coupon says "May not be used with group discounts or any other special offers"
  • Can I pay with a check? +

    Yes, as long as it's a business check. We don't accept personal checks.
  • Does our group have to eat first? +

  • How long do we get a group reserved table(s)? +

    Typically, no longer than 1 hour, unless there's a special circumstance where it's been approved by our General Manager, BUT if in a private party room, they may have for up to 1.5 hours.
  • Can we bring in a cake for our celebration? +

    Yes, you may.
  • What's an attraction? +

    We have 5 attractions here in our Memphis location; Laser Tag, Go Karts, Mini-Bowling, XD Theatre, and our Bumper Cars.
  • Will the game card work on an attraction? +

  • How far in advance do I need to make a reservation? +

    Asap, but we DO take same day reservations.
  • Can I reserve a private room? +

    Yes, as long as we have availability and if on a weekend, it must be approved by the Managing Partner.
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General Questions

  • Nutritional Questions: i.e. dairy, peanut allergy, etc. +

    We do not have a nutritional guide for the ingredients on our buffets. But the Kitchen Manager will be more than happy to walk through the line of the buffet and answer any questions concerning allergies or ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free Options +

    We currently have a gluten-free crust available upon request. They are individual pizzas made to order. We do not have other options yet, but we are looking into gluten-free pastas soon.
  • Sharing Cards +

    Sharing cards are strictly prohibited. It is important that each member of the party have their own card.
  • What type of rides are in the Tiny Town? +

    Miniature Carousel, Train and Track, small rides similar to the ones outside of Walmart. Individual rides.
  • What kind of tables and how many do they sit? +

    Typically have rectangle tables that hold 6 and square tables that hold 4.
  • Do you serve alcohol? +

    No we do not, but we do have Root Beer. ☺
  • Can you play attractions with the game card? +

    Yes. All cards work as a debit card. The money amount will be taken off for the attractions or if there are attractions added to their cards, it will count.
  • How much money can you put on the cards? +

    The cards work as a debit card. You can put any amount of money on the cards and they never expire.
  • Do you have paper tickets? +

    We are GREEN. All tickets won from our games go directly on the game cards and are kept until they are exchanged.
  • What daily specials are offered that include food and drinks as well as games? +

    click here to check out all our incredible deals!
  • What kind of shoes do I have to wear? +

    Closed toe shoes. Which are required to do the attractions.
  • Do you provide cakes? +

    Yes. Must have a 48 hour notice.
  • Do we need to make a reservation to visit if we are not celebrating a birthday party? +

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