Burrata Arugula Pizza in Just 20 Minutes

Pizza is renowned for its greatest flavors and delicacy; it never fails to wow with its inventiveness and highest genuineness. Gourmet pizza known for its combination of fresh, premium ingredients and a harmony of tastes and textures is delicious burrata arugula pizza. Let us explore what distinguishes the pizza. A rich delicacy, burrata arugula pizza is made even more delicious and of superior quality by the toppings.

Fresh Italian cheese called burrata is composed of mozzarella and cream. Very soft and creamy, the inside is made of stracciatella and cream, while the outside is firm mozzarella. It melts exquisitely and gives a thick, opulent texture when put on heated pizza. The pizza gains a warm, baked component, and the creamy burrata a sharp, fresh contrast from the arugula addition. It’s a leafy green whose flavor is spicy and a touch bitter.

Ingredients and Equipment

For making burrata arugula pizza, dough is a must to be concerned about, whether it is homemade or store-bought. It’s on us to prefer anyone as per convenience. Readymade will save time; on the other side, homemade can be customized. 

The second most important ingredient, or rather the heart of the dish, is burrata cheese. Hence, one large ball or two smaller ones will be sufficient. 

Next comes fresh arugula, which adds a light, spicy contrast to the rich burrata. Thus, 2 cups of fresh arugula are required. 

1 cup of halved cherry tomatoes, for a burst of sweetness and juiciness to the delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza. 

2 tablespoons of olive oil, to brush the dough and elevate the flavor of the crust. 

A drizzle of balsamic glaze, to taste, adds a tangy sweetness that complements the other ingredients of the dish. 

Salt and pepper, as per taste, are essential seasonings to be used to uplift the overall flavor of the pizza. 

Red pepper, to taste, adds a bit of heat for those who prefer a spicier pizza. 

A few torn leaves of fresh basil add a fragrant, herbal note that pairs well with the other ingredients of the dish. 

For equipment, a baking sheet or pizza stone is essential. A baking sheet is a common kitchen item that can be used for baking pizza. If using a pizza stone, then it can help achieve a crispier crust by evenly distributing heat. 

A rolling pin can be used to stretch the dough to the desired thickness. If there is no rolling pin, then use a clean bottle or your hands to do the needful. 

Preheat the oven to 475°F (245°C). This process is necessary to ensure that the dough cooks quickly and evenly. It even allows the cheese to melt properly. 

Thus, these detailed ingredients and equipment ensure everything that is required to create a delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza at home, balancing convenience and flavor. 

Burrata Arugula Pizza

Instructions to prepare:

First preheat the oven to 475°F (245°C) in order to make wonderful burrata arugula pizza. Pizza has to be baked uniformly and with a crispy crust, hence the oven must be heated enough. Perfect melting of the cheese and a lovely rise and crispy, golden-brown texture are ensured by high heat.

Now to obtain the required base, roll the dough on a floured surface. To keep the surface from sticking, sprinkle some flour over it. Roll out the dough to the thickness and form you choose using a rolling pin or your hands. Move the rolled out dough to a baking sheet.

Slice cherry tomatoes, drain burrata, and chop arugula for toppings. Half cherry tomatoes after washing and drying.

After draining the burrata cheese of extra liquid, chop it into smaller pieces. To save the creamy interior, handle the procedure gently.

To prevent overly moistness, give the arugula a good rinse under cold water and wipe it dry with a fresh kitchen towel.

For added flavor, toss the dough with minced garlic and olive oil.

Leaving little borders all the way around, evenly cover the dough with tomato sauce.

For a gooey foundation, scatter grated mozzarella cheese over the sauce.

The prepared pizza should take ten to twelve minutes in the preheated oven to get golden brown crust and bubbling cheese.

Add the rocket and burrata after the pizza has baked. Burrata will begin to melt from residual heat. Equally distribute the fresh arugula over the pizza.

Top with halved cherry tomatoes and, to taste, grated parmesan cheese and salt & pepper. Swirl in balsamic glaze and, if preferred, top with red pepper flakes. For a perfumed finish, tear and scatter fresh basil leaves.

Present the pizza hot, sliced. Savor the contrast between crisp, fresh toppings and warm, melting cheese.

Thus, following instructions can result in a delectable Burrata Arugula Pizza with a bright combination of fresh toppings, creamy cheese, and a wonderfully crispy crust.

Burrata Arugula Pizza

Pairing with delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza

Beverage Pairings:

  • The fresh and creamy tastes of the pizza go nicely with a selection of crisp white wines, such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. Bright acidity of these wines balances the peppery arugula and the creaminess of burrata.
  • The creamy and savoury components of the pizza are wonderfully contrasted with a light lager or a Pilsner beer.
  • Avoiding non-alcoholic drinks, a cool and purifying palate-cleaning sensation can be had with sparkling water and lime or lemon slices.

Side Dishes:

  • A crisp and cool accompaniment to the pizza is the Simple Green Salad, which is made up of fresh greens simply seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  • Soft, buttery garlic knots make a delectable and decadent side dish. They work wonderfully dipped in extra tomato sauce.
  • The balsamic-glazed, fresh sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil in a caprese salad go nicely with the Italian flavors of the pizza.

Ideas to customize:

  • For a salty, savory kick, add thin slices of prosciutto after baking. 
  • Right before baking, spread sliced fresh figs or fig jam on the dough; it introduces a sweet and fruity note to the dish. 
  • Sweet caramelized onions can be added as a topping to enhance the rich, savory flavor of the pizza. 
  • Sauteed mushrooms bring an earthy depth to the pizza. 
  • For a typical tomato flavor, scatter some sun-dried tomatoes over the pizza. 
Burrata Arugula Pizza

Tips to keep in mind for best results:

  • For the crispiest crust on delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza, use a pizza stone (preheat in the oven for at least half an hour before baking the pizza). Make sure to preheat the oven (475°F or 245°C) before putting the pizza in. Roll the dough out thinly and evenly for a uniformly crispy base. 
  • Drain the burrata well before using it to avoid excess moisture on the pizza. Place the burrata immediately after baking to let it melt gently from the residual heat, maintaining its creamy texture. 
  • Indulge in high-quality tomato sauce or use homemade sauce containing fresh tomatoes, garlic, and herbs for the best flavor. 
  • Arugula is the soul ingredient of delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza; it elevates freshness, crispiness, and a spicy kick in a dish. 
  • Avoid overloading pizza with toppings, as it can make it soggy. Twist your hand lightly while spreading wet ingredients like fresh tomatoes or fig jam. It will prevent sogginess in the dish. 

Artichoke pesto and burrata pizza with lemony arugula by Tieghan Gerard is a must-try! Check out her YouTube recipe for a delicious blend of rich, creamy flavors and fresh, zesty greens.

Recipe by Tieghan Gerard

A delicious burrata arugula pizza can be paired well with white wine or a light beer, which upgrades the dining experience. Adding complementary sides like a simple green salad or garlic knots can balance meals. Customizing with caramelized onions can uplift the flavor of pizza, while following tips can ensure the crispiest crust, and managing burrata gives the best outcomes. 

Trying new styles and creating different pizzas, especially a delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza, has always been a delightful adventure for me. There is something incredibly satisfying about working with fresh, high-quality ingredients and watching them come together to create a meal that not only tastes amazing but also feels special. 

When I initially started experimenting with pizza, it was all about finding the perfect balance between textures and flavors. The moment I discovered burrata cheese, OMG! It was a game-changer. Its creamy center brought a rich twist to my pizza’s range that regular mozzarella just couldn’t match. Pairing it with the peppery freshness of arugula and the sweetness of cherry tomatoes created a symphony of flavors that felt both gourmet and comforting. 

I can surely say from my experience that whenever I make a burrata arugula pizza, it is more than just cooking; it is a celebration. It is about the joy of creating something from scratch, the anticipation of that first bite, and the shredded moments around the table with loved ones. I know we all will agree to this when I say that good has a powerful way of connecting us, and for me, this pizza is a testament to that. A delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza is a dish that bridges the gap between simple ingredients and extraordinary experiences. 

Burrata Arugula Pizza

This pizza never fails to wow whether it’s for a formal occasion or a laid-back weekend dinner. The adaptability of burrata and arugula pizza is its best feature. Every variant maintains the thrill by adding a hint of prosciutto or caramelized onions to create something completely different.

Finally, I would want to emphasize that following a recipe is not the only way to make a great burrata arugula pizza. It has to be about welcoming innovation, enjoying the process, and appreciating the moments it creates. It serves as a reminder to me that food is genuinely an expression of love, creativity, and connection in addition to being food. Remember that you are creating a piece of culinary delight as you lay out some dough and sprinkle on those fresh ingredients the next time.


1. Can I use pre-made pizza dough for this Burrata Arugula Pizza?

Yes, pre-made pizza dough can be used to make a delicious burrata arugula pizza. Just keep a check on your end about quality and packaging. 

2. How can I ensure my pizza crust is crispy?

Make sure to preheat the oven and pizza stone for at least half an hour, roll out the dough thinly and evenly, prohibit overloading, and bake on a lower rack. This will result in the crispiest crust for delicious Burrata Arugula Pizza. 

3. Can I substitute burrata with another cheese?

Burrata can be substituted with other cheeses like fresh mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, and cream cheese. 

4. What can I add to this pizza for extra flavor?

Prosciutto, figs, caramelized onions, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, parmesan cheese, and many more can be added to Burrata Arugula Pizza for extra flavor. 

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