Perfect Homemade Oat Flour Pizza Crust Recipe

Hey, are you angry? No worries; grab a slice of pizza (of your choice) and say, BYE-BYE… to anger and hunger. I know most of you; in fact, all of us love pizza from the bottom of our hearts. There are countless variations available, created with traditional pizza. It is simply up to us (the pizzaholics) to decide how we want our pizza to be, what toppings should be there, and what kind of presentation we want. No, but a genuinely satisfying craving with a customized favorite dish can just lift your mood with a click. With just one bite, all the happy hormones start making their way.

Every craving has its delicious desire to fulfill. Introducing pizza with some unique twists is what makes the dish the most loved. However, individuals with a healthy diet are treated as aliens due to their strict food routines. Every healthy diet faces trouble balancing both taste and health in their meals. But my dear friends, getting health and taste together on a plate is no longer a myth. Nowadays, there are multiple options available to choose from for healthy ‘n’ tasty cravings. We think options for healthy, tasty, and appealing meals are very limited; however, this is not true. Nowadays, culinary art has upgraded to a certain level, where the skill has its charm to impress.

For those who care about their health, oatmeal is one of the most popular and commonly utilized alternatives. It is a cereal grain with well-recognized nutritional benefits and culinary versatility. The macronutrients, fiber, and micronutrients in oats are quite varied. The cereal ensures best health through its treatment of weight issues, blood sugar balance, and enhancement of the heart and digestive systems.

Introducing delicious, creative, and appealing dishes with oats makes a healthy diet a happy one. Every food has its charm to impress with; thus, the factor to pay attention to is good (artistic) culinary skills and ideas. Oats are available in different kinds and are used to create delicious, healthy recipes.

Yes Yes! You all guessed it right: today, oat flour pizza crust is our heartland (center of attraction). It is a healthy version of pizza with an oat crust, specially invented to meet particular dietary needs. Combining oats with a traditional pizza recipe is a healthy yet yummy creation.

Oat Flour Pizza Crust

Why an oat flour pizza crust?

Why not an oats flour pizza crust? It has all the good, healthy, and flavorful ingredients to satisfy hearty appetites. I mean, reasons to like or dislike completely depend on the personal expectations of foodies. However, I will let you know the reasons why I like this oat flour pizza crust.

The first reason to like this cereal crust pizza is its health benefits. Oats are nutrient-dense and high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Efficient in blood sugar control due to its low glycemic index. It is a gluten-free option to cater to dietary needs and helps minimize cholesterol for good heart health.

The second good reason to consider oat flour pizza crust is its culinary benefits. The cereal has flavor, texture, and versatility. On another note, oats possess qualities that satisfy dietary considerations like weight management and improving digestive health. Moreover, the cereal is a sustainable crop and a whole food option, providing environmental and ethical benefits.

Therefore, I believe choosing an oat flour pizza crust is a wholesome choice to shift from a regular pizza style to something healthy and fulfilling.

How do I make oat flour pizza crust?

To prepare the oat flour pizza crust, nothing special is needed, but some usual equipment is needed. Mixing bowls (large and medium size), measuring cups and spoons, spatula, rolling pin, baking sheet or pizza stone, parchment paper, and oven, obviously.

Ingredients required for the oat flour pizza crust

2 cups rolled oats (gluten-free)

½ cup cornstarch

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon garlic powder

¼ cup olive oil

¾ cup of warm water

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Tomato sauce (handmade or store-bought)

Mozzarella cheese

Fresh vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms



Oat Flour Pizza Crust

Instructions to follow while preparing the oat flour pizza crust

Before starting with preparations, set the oven at 400°F for preheating. Use a stove to heat a large skillet over medium heat that is a bit greased with a non-sticking cooking spray (this can also be done by putting the skillet in a preheating oven). This is a necessary step to take. Now let’s move on to the actual task, which is dough-making.

In a large bowl, mix dry stuff like oat flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, garlic powder, and dried oregano. Now pour in wet stuff like olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and warm water (little by little as the dough requires). Simply mix all ingredients well to form a dough that is a bit sticky but easy to manage. The process can be done through a food processor as well (it is less time-consuming).

Keep the dough on the heated skillet, then, with the help of a spoon (back side), start spreading the dough into the desired shape and size. Bake the spread mixture for about five minutes, or until the edges are brown and the crust is kind of set. Flip the crust over in the skillet with a spatula to allow it to cook on another side for 2–3 minutes.

Take a baking pan (lightly greased with non-sticking cooking spray) and shift the crust onto it.

It is time to show your art, creativity, and imagination over an oat flour pizza crust (canvas). Spread tomato sauce over the crust, leaving edges on the corners. Then add mozzarella cheese and assemble toppings like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and pepperoni.

Bake the pizza in the oven for about 10 minutes till the cheese is nicely melted, and golden brown and the edges of the crust are pretty browned.

TA-DAH, your delicious oat flour pizza crust is ready. Hey, stop, just wait. Place fresh basil leaves over the baked pizza and add more seasoning for a darn fresh flavor.

Slice it evenly, and there you go to dig in.

A pro tip to keep in mind is related to dough preparation. Remember, the dough is smooth and sticky enough to handle. Hence, use water as per the required consistency and stickiness because oats absorb water.

Oat Flour Pizza Crust

Nutritional Profile

The oat flour pizza crust contains 200-250 calories, 5-10 gram protein, 8-10 gram fat, 5-6 gram fiber, and 2-3 gram sugar.

Check out the BEST-Tasting Easy Oat Flour Pizza Crust by Gentle Tummy! This YouTube recipe shows you how to make a delicious and healthy pizza crust using oat flour. Perfect for a gentle tummy and a tasty meal!

Recipe By Gentle Tummy

How do I store the oat flour pizza crust?

To store

First, cool down the oat flour pizza crust completely, then wrap it in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and place it in an airtight container to refrigerate for three days.

You can also double-wrap the cooked oat flour pizza crust, first with plastic wrap and then with aluminum foil, or place it in a freezer-safe bag for around two months.

But make sure to label the packaging with a date.

To reheat

Refrigerate the oat flour pizza crust, preheat the oven to 375°F, and simply place the crust directly on the oven rack to heat for about 5–10 minutes.

Frozen oats flour pizza crust, first thaw the crust in the refrigerator overnight (day before the eating), and reheat in a preheated oven (375°F) for ten minutes.

And yes, now be ready to dig in.

*Ensure complete cooling of the crust to prevent sogginess. Double wrapping prevents freezer burn and retains fresh quality. Labeling helps in keeping track of storage.

Is oat flour pizza crust low in calories?

Well, the thing is, a crust prepared with regular flour or oats contains nearly the same calories. However, oat flour pizza crust offers a high fiber, protein, and carbohydrate intake, which improves the nutritional profile. Moreover, it is the best substitute for fulfilling healthy dietary needs.

Oat Flour Pizza Crust

Variations for oat flour pizza crust

Pizza, no no… customise-friendly dish, like, really, the dish is perfect enough to adapt to any variations and customizations. Now you must be wondering what fusions can be done in real life with oat flour pizza crust. No worries, I am here with solutions. All variations will contain nearby ingredients, as previously mentioned. As oat flour pizza crust preparation is the same no matter what variations are introduced, The only changes or fusions are to be done with toppings and spreads. This is where the art and flavor of varied styles will meet.


For this, spread the avocado slices evenly over the crust and top it with halved cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onions, freshly chopped cilantro, and a drizzle of lime juice. Season it with salt and pepper, and sprinkle crumbled feta cheese on top. Bake it for an additional 5-7 minutes, till the toppings are slightly warmed.


(Mix bagel seasoning into the crust dough.)

Spread softened cream cheese over the crust; layer thinly sliced smoked salmon, red onions, freshly chopped dill, and capers. Sprinkle extra bagel seasoning on top of the preparation. Bake the pizza for another five minutes to let the flavors meld nicely.


(Mix some smoked paprika into the crust dough.)

Spread BBQ sauce evenly over the baked crust. Top it up with shredded chicken (cooked), thinly sliced red onions, and mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle paprika on top, and let it bake for another 15 minutes till the cheese is melted and bubbly. Then sprinkle freshly chopped cilantro for fresh fragrance and garnish right before serving.

Hence, these variations can be used for a flavorful twist in oat flour pizza crust.

Pizza is a most loved dish, and introducing creative variations makes it an appropriate choice for everyone. Exploring ideas and flavors to create mouthwatering pizza fusions is my favorite task. My love for food and dedication to pizza has made me so efficient at trying unique flavor combinations. Adding to this, we all know how everyone is becoming alert and attentive to maintain health. So, considering it an important task, creating fusions that possess both healthy benefits and a flavorful twist is worth it.

Oats flour pizza crust is the same in calories as a regular pizza crust; however, it is double in fiber, protein, vitamins, and energy. Above that, these oat crusts have amazing flavor bombs to satisfy taste buds; in addition, different variations and fusions awestruck foodies living a healthy diet. So, I am waiting to know your opinion on this recipe. Share your experience, ideas, and knowledge through comments. I would love to go through them all and implement them accordingly. Thank you!


1. What sort of oats work well for making oat flour for pizza crust?

Usually, rolled oats are used for making oat flour pizza crust. Still, apart from this, steel-cut and quick oats can work well.

2. How can I prevent the oat flour pizza crust from crumbling?

Make sure to bind flour nicely with eggs, maintain a good moisture level for a smooth and slightly sticky dough, drizzle olive oil, and ensure pre-baking for a few minutes to become firm before adding toppings and spreads.

3. Which toppings complement a pizza foundation prepared with oat flour?

The choice of toppings is dependent on the foodie. The kinds of toppings may include fresh vegetables, good protein, and fat sources like meat, pepperoni, chicken, and many more. Cheese and herbs can be great options too.

4. Can I create a gluten-free pizza crust with oat flour?

Yes, creating a gluten-free pizza crust with oat flour is not that tough. However follow a few points to ensure perfection, like considering gluten-free oats and mixing with cornstarch or rice flour for better texture.

5. What to do with leftover pizza crust made with oat flour?

Refrigerate or freeze the leftover pizza crust made with oat flour, depending on the requirements or what you want to reuse. And reheat the food accordingly to cater to hunger.

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